Bizarre Anomaly Was Spotted On The Martian Surface

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter is a $720 million spacecraft that was launched in August 2005 in an effort to investigate the Red Planet.

It joined the planet’s orbit on March 10, 2006, and throughout the last 11 years of active exploration coverage, we’ve learned more about the Red Planet than ever before, according to most scientists.

But, in the middle of all the magnificent scenery images acquired from Mars, scientists remain perplexed to this day.

You wouldn’t think much of “PSP 010329 1525” unless you knew that it may potentially suggest that life did exist on Mars after all.

This picture depicts what appears to be a circular contraption, certainly man-made.

The MRO was roughly 200 miles above it when the iconic image was obtained, as this odd formation could be seen in the dead center of the Uzboi Vallis sector, according to NASA.

The Uzboi Vallis is a largely arid region of Mars that is regularly dotted with water streams and tiny seasonal ponds. As a result, some scientists believe that the globe was once covered in water.

Back to the enigmatic home, many say it is around 200 feet tall and, more precisely, it looks to be considerably taller than all of its surrounds due to its highly odd cast shadow.

Many individuals feel that this demonstrates that the structure is raised on protective stilts.

If the sea level was as high as historians claim it was in ancient times, this would make sense.

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