Bizarre Alien UFO Was Spotted Right Above New Jersey – It Was Also Recorded From Multiple Locations

These odd lights were captured at three different New Jersey locations: Ocean City, Somers Point, and Margate.
The lights, according to the witnesses, were part of a larger object.

Fear kicks in when your brain has a hard time understanding what you’re truly seeing, and you can hear it in their voices.

The debunking part of me thinks it’s drones with fireworks on them, but that won’t work because if they were drones shooting out fireworks, they’d be bursting too near to the drones.

On the other hand, a part of me hopes it’s really aliens.

Also, those light explosions (for lack of a better term) were repeated multiple times, seemingly from the same object/craft, over and over again, exploding in more or less the same place in the same orientation…, IMO, not fireworks, and if they were drones letting off fireworks, they’d be toast drones.

The helicopter(s) flying close, monitoring whatever these items were, would not be conducive to fireworks.


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