Bizarre Alien Skull Discovered In Africa – This Discovery Could Change The History Forever

Many people believe that the human species is the only race that has ever existed on Earth, but a new theory appears to bring this belief into question.

A skull was discovered in Africa with a physiognomy and osseous structure comparable to that of a human being, but with a distinguishing character that makes it impossible to belong to a human being.

This discovery sparked a lot of debate and spawned a lot of hypotheses and assumptions about it.

One of these explanations contends that the discovery was erroneous and that the skull’s features were tainted.

If the skull is authentic, it is around 14 million years old and includes a high concentration of iridium, which is also found in meteorites.

Do you believe this discovery has anything to do with the mummies discovered in Peru, for example?

Or could this be proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life?

Please tell us exactly what you’re thinking.

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