Bizarre Alien Medallion Was Discovere In An Ancient Tomb In Egypt

One of the most perplexing discoveries is shown in the video you’re going to see. Professor Winwood was the one who made the discovery. According to what we can observe, ancient rulers and monarchs of our world were in communication with aliens.

That might explain why figures from Egypt, such as Thoth and Orus, appear in some of the symbols. The figure or thing from the talisman has hollow eyes, and we can see an item that looks like a ship around it.

The cylinder-like items next to it resemble glass containers as if they were designed to hold something inside.

A strange medallion discovered in an Egyptian tomb is also seen in the film. Alien-like forms appear in several of its features, supporting the belief that aliens made contact with pharaohs and dominated Egypt from the shadows.

Professor Winwood is accused of stealing items from the tomb and then publishing them in a magazine years later. This professor, who was also an archaeologist, was apprehended, and the stolen artifacts were taken to a museum for safekeeping.

Take a look at the video below and come to your own judgments.


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