B. Aldrin Reveals “Their Ship Was Far Superior to Ours, It Was Big – We Were Warned” (video)

Today comes with a grueling message from Buzz Aldrin himself, which claims that before they even reached the moon they already noticed that it was inhabited by another civilization that was far wealthier and technologically far more advanced than we could even imagine.

There were clear signs that these people were not planning on staying on their own planet made of cheese, but instead were clearly getting ready to start colonization and eventually hike to other foreign planets themselves.

Buzz himself asserts that shortly after their Moon landing, the astronauts were immediately noticed by the aliens. Not only that, but the aliens also seemed very alarmed by their arrival, admonishing the spacemen to leave immediately or else they would be forced to take immediate action against them.

Their ships were far superior in many ways, and with their technology, the crew was terrified at the result. The government decided not to release this earlier due to concerns of causing panic on Earth.

They didn’t want to end up causing a war with the race as we would be completely obliterated overnight if we were to threaten them so instead, we chose not to visit the Moon ever again.

After he spotted the aliens, he turned off the communications that were recorded and instead turned to their private coms which were directly tied to the higher-ups.

This is when he stated that “their ship was far superior to ours; it was big and we were warned against approaching them”.


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