Australian Physicists Just Proved Reality Simply DOES NOT Exist

These two Australian physicists by the names of Andrew Truscott and Roman Khakimov actually uncovered the fact that reality as we know it is actually not real from a general point of view.

Based on their research they discovered that reality, from a quantum level, is a general anomaly from every meaning of the word.

Their experiment began as a means of testing out their new scientific equipment in order to seal a helium atom only to release it through a pair of laser beams.

That might seem good and all, but afterward they added another set of lasers to recombine the beams.

From a quantum point of view, it seemed as though that atom had traveled through multiple avenues before interjecting back.

And guess what, when the second set of lasers was removed, the atom continued its path despite the fact that it should have switched back to the direction of the former lasers that pointed at it.

This, in itself, means that the atom’s past was completely changed altogether by its future, completely altering it altogether.

So, in simple terms, what this really proved is that after witnessing the change with our very eyes, our reality was changed altogether, and knowing this change happened caused reality to alter itself based on our new set of beliefs.

From a quantum level to everyday life, it appears as though reality only exists as long as we observe it, making it null the moment we stop interjecting with it.

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