Atlantean Giants Could Still Be Alive on Earth

Most experts agree that Giants did roam the lands in ancient times. We know this because of the abundance of Giant skulls and skeletons that we’ve uncovered so far but what we didn’t know is that they might still be amongst us to this very day.

No, we’re not talking about your 7-foot-tall neighbor, he’s safe for now, but what we are talking about is a recent discovery which was made in the village of Burzyan. Here experts uncovered a 50 meters tall and 150 meters wide stone mound which was completely hidden away from any prying eyes in a nearby forest.

Here is where an alleged 50-meter-tall Giant lies dormant in a resting position named Somati. According to most experts, this form is supposed to help one meditate to the point where they are still alive but their bodies stop decaying and enter a sort of an idealistic hibernation cycle out of which it can live forever basically without aging. If this is true the body could come back any day now.

Many believe that this is the body of an Atlantean Giant as there have been discovered over 70 Atlantean cities in Syria to this very day.

Professor Ernst Muldashev believes to this day that Giants still live amongst us and he even referred to the legend of Adam and Abel to back up his claims.

Abel supposedly died as a child and yet the tomb is over 5.8 meters in length and what’s even more impressive is that Adam’s tomb in itself is over 11 meters tall too.

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