Are These Prehistoric UFO Drawings Proof That We Are Not Alone On This Planet?

Several ancient constructions have been linked to interplanetary travelers, ranging from the Egyptian pyramids to the cryptic Nazca Lines to the dark heads of Easter Island.

For decades, crypto-archeologists have scoured these incredible man-made sites for traces of alien involvement.

Over the years, some people have claimed to have unearthed incontrovertible evidence of UFOs in the shape of ancient carvings, cave paintings, and another iconography.

Which of these old apparently extraterrestrial representations, though, is the most convincing?

1. Seti I’s Temple Helicopter Hieroglyphs

There are several conspiracy theories surrounding the beautiful Great Pyramids of Giza, and the entire ancient Egyptian civilization has been linked to secret extraterrestrial conspiracies in some manner.

One of the most persuasive pieces of evidence that aliens did, in fact, assist boost ancient civilization is a sequence of rare hieroglyphs in the 3,000-year-old Temple of Seti in Abydos, Egypt.

Conspiracy sites have dubbed the symbols “Helicopter Hieroglyphs” because they reportedly depict frightening imagery of a helicopter and future aircraft.

According to pseudo-archeologists who have seen the glyphs, sometimes travelers left them behind, while others claim they were left to commemorate alien travelers.

Most true archeologists will acknowledge that the icons are the result of typographical errors — overlapping symbols – in an age when typos were practically inscribed in stone.

2. Charama’s old UFO paintings.

Scientists are perplexed by this strange-looking mural uncovered in an Indian cave, which appears to portray an alien UFO flashing in the sky.

The befuddling painting in Charama, Chhattisgarh, dates back 10,000 years, long before humans built the wheel.

JR Bhagat, an archaeologist who studied the cave paintings, believes they were direct evidence of aliens previously living among us in 2014.

“The findings suggest that ancient humans may have seen or imagined entities from other worlds,” he said, adding that the issue continues to attract the attention of people and experts.

“More research is required for more conclusive outcomes.” Currently, Chhattisgarh lacks such an expert who might throw light on the problem.”

“The three legs of the vehicle’s stand, as well as the fan-like antenna, plainly resemble UFO-style vehicles,” he noted.

3. Val Camonica’s rock murals of extraterrestrial astronauts.

The petroglyphs discovered in the Italian Alpine region of Val Camonica are among the biggest in the world.

The bulk of the glyphs was etched 8,000 years before the Bronze Age and generally depict early man’s daily activities, such as humans and animals.

Due to a specific collection of engravings, conspiracy theorists think that some of the sculptures portray extraterrestrial astronauts wandering among them.

The symbols in question often represent combatants wearing radiating headgear and brandishing oddly curved weapons.

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