Are The Ancient Alien Gods Back On Earth? A Strange UFO Very Similar To An Ancient Vimana Was Spotted In Mexico

In April 2021, a good-quality video of a huge UFO in Mexico City was captured by an eyewitness. The enigmatic item was discovered to be similar to the “Gods'” mythological flying devices known as “Vimanas” in ancient scriptures.

Many paintings and clay figurines resembling UFOs have already been discovered in Mexico by archaeologists. If a genuine Vimana was seen in the sky over Mexico City, does this mean the ancient Gods have returned?

The so-called vimanas could reach extraordinary speeds and carry the ancient Gods’ devastating weapon on board. The building of the Vimana Gods’ airplane and the pilot’s instructions are even described in certain books.

The term Viman is made up of two parts. “Vi” refers to the sky, while “Man” refers to a person; when these two terms are combined, you get a person in the sky.

It is thought that ancient peoples attempted to depict airplanes in this manner. On which the “Gods” traveled from faraway stars once upon a time.


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