Archaeologists Discovered Ancient Clay Pyramids And A City With 20,000 People That Mysteriously Vanished

The Cahokia city is by far one of the greatest discoveries that have ever been made by archeologists.

Originally uncovered by a team made out of French explorers, they named it Cahokia themselves, but that’s not the city’s original name. According to most experts, the ancient Mississippians didn’t have a writing system yet so there was no way to transfer this knowledge on paper at the time.

But, what exactly is so special about it? Well, first of all, it was built around 500 BC and it was at one time the largest city in all of Europe, even larger than London.

Second of all, they were huge fans of Egyptian architecture, as is made obvious by the 120 artificial mounds that had pyramids on top of them.

That’s right; more than 120 pyramids were discovered in this city, making the first statement in this article seems a lot less far-fetched right?

10-20,000 people used to inhabit the ancient city of Cahokia, with most of their pyramids being constructed around 10-12 AD.

They were extremely rich around that time, but for unknown reasons, they were forced to leave the city around 1350.


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