Archaeologists Discovered a Strange Alien Ring In The Ancient Tomb of Tutankhamun

Even though Tutankhamen’s tomb was found in 1922, scholars continue to unearth odd things. Archaeologists discovered a peculiar ring depicting or illustrating a very unusual humanoid monster among the other strange objects discovered within the pharaoh’s tomb.

According to scholars, the ring symbolizes the ancient Egyptian god Ptah.

However, we still don’t sure why he resembles a person so much. In the illustration, the extraterrestrial does not stand on anything. He soars together with several other items in the area. This is linked to extraterrestrial technology, according to scientists.

Nobody knows for certain what the things in the ring are for. The ring, on the other hand, dates from 600 BC, and the god Ptah lived 5-15 thousand years ago, according to ancient Egyptians.

Many academics believe that the ancient Egyptians had contact with representatives from other worlds. Hopefully, we will be able to learn the real truth one day.

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