Archaeologist Found 12,000-Year-Old Underground Tunnels Connecting Scotland with Turkey

Heinrich Kush, a German archaeologist, has just made a finding that has shocked the nation. He uncovered a network of underwater pipes, which seem to date well over 12,000 years old, between Turkey and Scotland, linking the two together.

He went as far as to compose his own book and print it, titled “The Mysteries of the Underworld of the Ancient World.” According to him, these tunnels might prove to be the secret to finding out more about ancient history than we have ever learned before.

But it doesn’t end there, even though the major tunnels all pass from Turkey to Scotland and back, it has to be said that there are a number of tunnels running all the way across Europe, linking country to country, like a kind of labyrinth.

Most of them seem to have been built in the Neolithic era, but the logic behind their creation is still somewhat unclear. What threats may have led the citizens of Europe to construct these underground tunnels?

What might strike terror in their hearts to the extent that they have found no other way around it but to cower underground and stay away from the dangers?

One hypothesis that is running around and around today is that a very ominous and aggressive race of aliens turned up at the moment, and in retribution, humans had chosen to crawl away from the sky in the only location they could, underground.

These tunnels are around 70cm each and most of them lead to areas that we know used to be temples, cemeteries, and sometimes the center of woods.

This is certainly one of the many distinct puzzles we need to find the solution, or we might end up having to take shelter under the trenches until it’s too late.


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