Another Bizarre Alien Outpost Was Found On The Surface Of The Moon

A vast hidden outpost on the moon has been uncovered 40 kilometers from the Deseiligny crater. The strange object is around 235 x 185 meters in dimension.

The foundation is definitely artificially constructed and comprises different square and rectangular components (similar to hangars or buildings).

Given the object’s size, it’s only natural that discussion about what it may be has shifted to the grandiose: “It’s conceivable it’s some type of moon base utilized as a storage and launch facility for alien ‘UFO’ spacecraft,” Tech and Gadget News said.

This isn’t the first time an enigmatic structure has been spotted on the Moon’s surface.

On the moon, there are several strange objects. There is only one question: why isn’t anyone explaining where these buildings and items came from?

Coordinates on Google Earth: 19°58’55.05′′N 21°11’39.83′′E

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