Another Alien UFO Appears In NASA’s Photos From Mars

Another UFO was seen flying through the sky in a photograph from NASA’s official website. Only this time, the setting is Mars rather than Earth.

We can see from the photograph that the object is flying close to the rover since its shape can be seen clearer. However, if we look at the second photograph, which was taken only a few seconds later, we can see that the item has entirely vanished.

Could this confirm the fact that UFOs travel at tremendous speeds, or that they employ portals?

Because judging from a single image is difficult, let’s look at a few more to better comprehend the peculiar behavior associated with UFO encounters on Mars.

In this case, for example, we can observe a black dot that appears on two successive Curiosity photos. The issue is that the identical black dot appears in various locations in both images. However, due of the enormous distance between the rove and the item, we are unable to establish the shape of the object.

Another image from Mars shows many light orbs, which were also photographed by Curiosity. These orbs occur in eight distinct photographs, and in case you haven’t noticed, these UFOs are strikingly identical to those seen on Earth.

With this post, we wanted to let you know that the UFO phenomena is not limited to Earth but, as you can see, occurs throughout the entire solar system.

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