Ancient War Between 2 Alien Races? The Anunnaki And the Pleiadeans

We’ve uncovered the fact that our history as we know it has been heavily manipulated and changed as we’ve been constantly fed misinformation which led us to believe in the fake lies that they’ve been feeding us.

Who are they? The higher-ups don’t want us to know about our past. Knowledge is power and by keeping us away from the real truth behind our genesis they are essentially controlling us all with ease.

And yet the masses are waking up as the true history of the planet is getting unmasked one day at a time.

The true history comes from the oldest avenue available aka the Sumerian civilization.

The ancient Sumerians always believed in the existence of the Anunnaki, aka “the ones who came from heaven”. They are essentially aliens that visited us in ancient times according to most iterations.

Although the Sumerians first appeared in Mesopotamia around 3,800 BC, they quickly got decimated around 2024 BC by unknown means.

Many experts believe that this was a result of the ongoing battles between the Anunnaki and the Pleiadeans. The Anunnaki were the rulers of Earth as we knew it, they were powerful nearly unkillable beings that ruled over us forcing us to essentially work for them every hour of the day.

Now we cannot tell you for sure whether the Pleiadeans wanted to free us or get us to work for them instead, all that we know is that this war ended up completely decimating the planet as we know it.

Regardless, watch the following clip and see for yourself the true history of mankind.

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