Ancient Underwater Alien Civilization Discovered in The Siberian Water – And It Seems That Russia Is Hiding It

A new discovery was recently made by Paul Stonehill and Phillip Mantle in Russia as they uncovered a mystery that the Russian government appears to have been keeping away from the public forever now.

They’ve known this for a while now but they needed more proof before they announced it as they were sure that without the proper amount of proof they wouldn’t be taken seriously.
So, here it is, this is what they discovered after studying the recent series of disappearances surrounding the Siberian Waters. It was aliens all along.

As silly as it may seem to just throw everything on the back of aliens there is serious proof backing this up. First off, the team uncovered plenty of artifacts that depict these strange beings and how deadly they are underwater.

Secondly, they gathered hundreds of witness reports that claim to have seen them at one point or another within the Siberian Waters.

After interviewing the locals more they uncovered the fact that they are oftentimes referred to as the “swimmers”. They are 10 feet tall beings and most often than not they can be spotted wearing silver clothes.

They attract their prey and they talk with one another through their telekinetic powers.

Since they are so close to the Bermuda Triangle Paul and Phillip believe they are connected somehow but they were forced to abandon their research soon after as the Russian government didn’t allow them to release any more information.

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