“Ancient Sumerian Gods Anunnaki Are Returning to Earth”, Pentagon Insider Reveals in Epic Interview (video)

According to a Pentagon source: The Anunnaki are coming back to Earth. Stan Deyo claims that the Sumerian gods will be returning to this world.

The Anunnaki have been associated with the comets Encke, Ison, and Encke. One might wonder why these comets were given such specific names when they are two well-known celestial objects.

Anunnaki, one of its chief leaders and Anu are both related to the term “on” (pronounced as “on”)

Encke, a Sumerian god, went by Ea. This is why Earth would be called Earth. Enki was also the god of mischief, creativity, water, intelligence and creation.

Many people have reported seeing strange phenomena in the sky, which we can only interpret to be UFOs since there aren’t any planets or stars in that region of the sky. These UFOs can also alter the color and size of the sky, according to many stories.

It would be reasonable for the administration to conceal that these comets could actually be Anunnaki spaceships.

But, they only serve to keep us ignorant, leading to the belief that we are alone in this Universe.



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