Ancient Star-Shaped Drilling Holes Found In Stone – Evidence of Highly- Advanced Precision Machines In Ancient Times?!

Every day, fresh findings emerge to reveal mysteries that mankind has not yet been authorized to know about.

Despite the fact that these elements are genuine and undeniable, scientists refuse to investigate them because they contradict their predetermined goal; in order to admit the existence of these factors, scientists must acknowledge that everything they’ve been working on for so long is wrong.

The ancient Star-Shaped Holes in Volda are a good example of this. These are so precise and intricate that they can only be described as the outcome of cutting-edge technology.

A human’s hands could never generate such clean cuts or completely symmetrical forms, and that is a reality. But, if we follow the argument, why are they star-shaped in the first place if they were formed using a drill?

Historians acknowledge that precision drilling holes exist in sites like Puma Punku and the Gizas basalt plateau, but the design of the holes is what sets the Volda find apart.

These holes have been discovered in Massachusetts and Volda, Norway, but experts anticipate they will begin to appear in other locations as well.

Some believe this is evidence of humanity’s communication to aliens, while others believe it was the consequence of aliens contacting us in the first place.


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