Ancient Mountain-sized Statue ‘Lady of Mali’ Carved 12,000 Years was Discovered in West Africa

The more time passes the more architectural discoveries are made all around the globe. It appears as though no matter where you look more and more of them pop up out of nowhere, and with each and every one of them, another puzzle piece of history seems to emerge.

Such is the case for this new discovery which has Professor Angelo Pitoni as its martyr. He was the first to discover what appears to be an ancient mountain-sized statue which was most likely constructed by an ancient African civilization.

Often times referred to as the Lady of Mali because it was discovered on the border with Mali, it appears as though it portrays a woman of some sort. Professor Pitoni believes that the mountain itself was built from scratch and carved in such a way that it would resemble the lady. It is around 4920 feet tall and quite a wonder to say the least.

Researchers uncovered the fact that the statue must be at least 12,000 years old by now but there are a lot of speculations surrounding it. First off, nobody knows who built it or why, and more specifically what it could possibly represent.

Many mummies were discovered in the caves nearby, with the locals guarding them against anyone that dared to get close to them.

The locals believe that the mummies represent the ancient civilization that predates them, so they always make sure to not allow any foreigners inside. The Lady of Mali is located somewhere in the north of Conakry, and despite the fact that a lot of fuss was built around it, since Professor Pitoni died in 2009 nobody else has been picking up on the discovery since.

It appears as though the many secrets of the Lady of Mali will remain a secret for a long time now, but if we’re lucky some other expert will pick up on it, hopefully.


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