Ancient Jade Stones Depicting Friendly Alien Contact Discovered in a Cave in Mexico

In a forest nearby Veracruz, it appears as though a new discovery was made which completely took the world by storm. What appears to be a cave full of incredible carvings and pictographs has been discovered which showcases the fact that ancient civilizations had encountered aliens in the past.

You can see that the most important one that has been uncovered from there depicts what appears to be a friendly extraterrestrial encounter.

The depiction of aliens here shows them as very thin beings with large heads and eyes. In case you didn’t know already, that is the literal textbook representation of the mysterious Grey Aliens that are believed to be some of the most technologically advanced beings in the galaxy.

In the carving, you can clearly see the alien look down upon the human as it gives the Mayan leader an item of some sort. In the background, you can also see a UFO.

The trading of items is usually referred to as a good sign, as it appears as though the two cultures merged that day and we managed to establish contact with them that wasn’t violent, to begin with. The pictures went viral overnight as they were presented by the journalist Javier Lopez Diaz on his Twitter account.

As you might have guessed by now, these are either Aztec or Mayan in nature, and they are believed to portray the humble beginnings of their civilization. Many already believed that the Mayan and Aztec civilizations had encountered aliens before so this only further proves this theory.

The carving also showcases what appears to be a title of some sort, which translates into “The Stones of the First Meeting”.

This is so much proof all of a sudden that no one can contest it. Even the media that we know is usually controlled by someone higher up appears to agree that this proves the existence of aliens.


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