Ancient Forgotten City Found Under The Ground of Egypt

The Great Pyramid was the ancient world’s final wonder. Its stone blocks are 6 million tons in weight. How did the Egyptian engineers construct such a precise funerary structure for Kufu Pharaoh without the use of modern power tools and surveying equipment?

Were they the Egyptians? Or what about the Aliens?

Who were the people who built the megalithic stone blocks? Were those slaves or volunteers, and where were they staying, who fed them, and who organized them?

“Decoding the Great Pyramid” demonstrates the most recent and significant evidence of groundbreaking archaeological study and has helped us better understand this, the world’s largest engineering endeavor, revealing a vanished metropolis and many intimate information about the lives of individuals who lived at the time.

This documentary describes how humanity built The Great Pyramid and attempts to demonstrate the evidence in this regard.

At Alien News, we continue to believe that the Great Pyramid of Giza was erected by aliens for a reason other than a tomb.

I still encourage you to see this film about the lost city located beneath the ground in Egypt, because it’s important to see all of the information before selecting what to believe.

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