Ancient Egyptian Lost City Discovered in the Grand Canyon – A Colossal Cover-up

This new discovery comes to us from the Grand Canyon of all places and as you can tell right off the bat it appears as though this information had always been available to us but that they’ve been purposely keeping us in the dark so as to make sure that we never know the truth after all.

What we mean by this is that it appears as though proof of ancient civilizations living under the Grand Canyon had always been there but they never thought of letting us know.

After the discovery was made here it appeared as though they were going to inspect it and then report it to the general public but this wasn’t meant to be as literally a few weeks later when the Grand Canyon was reopened, they reported not having come across any proof in here.

After the team revisited the site it was clear that every bit of proof was taken away and stored elsewhere so as to continue hiding the truth from us.

Despite this, according to the Smithsonian Institute, this can no longer be hidden from the general public anymore.

The theory that ancient civilizations lived in the Grand Canyon had been active since the days of the World Explorers Club from 1909 when Professor S.A. Jordan discovered the hidden caves himself from underneath the Grand Canyon.

5,000-year-old hieroglyphs were also discovered in Australia which showcase the fact that whatever civilization lived here definitely didn’t stick around all that much, as they would oftentimes travel across the globe looking for new places to call home.

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