Ancient Egyptian Energy Symbols Used In Ancient Times – Djed, Ankh, and Was

The human species currently desires to utilize a reported breakthrough technology to melt the ice caps on Mars and therefore change the temperature and create an atmosphere, but new discoveries may indicate that this technology is nothing as revolutionary as we had previously imagined.

This is the precise technology that must have been utilized to make these artifacts in the 8th century, according to fresh evidence.

It was accomplished by the use of its distribution mechanism, which was also utilized to control the crystal cage’s level. This began through the use of the inflation of energy into O-H (water molecules) and force them to deliver the resonance of the oxygen atoms which would, in turn, keep it bonded with Si-O (silicon dioxide), AI-O (aluminum oxide), or C-O (carbon monoxide).

This is why these artifacts might reach this level of flexibility, making them more flexible than ever before, providing granite, for example, previously unheard-of elasticity. At the time, this was referred to as singing sands or even levitating pebbles.

The following is a list of all the findings that are thought to be related to this ancient practice: Djed, Ankh, and Was.

The meaning behind their construction was lost over time, however, because they were frequently built in the name of religious practice, and conquests would frequently occur at the time, resulting in the adoption of new ideologies and the reinstatement of new deities, which either replaced or destroyed the artifacts.

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