Ancient Carvings Found In Egyptian Temple Suggest That Ancient Egyptians Saw or Used Advanced Flying Machines (VIDEO)

The ancient Egyptian civilization was incredible, to say the least. They were more technologically advanced than any other civilization at their time, and the more time passes the more we realize just how insane they were, to begin with.

They had some of the best builders the world has ever seen, their engineers were unmatched and their artisanal skills were out of this world. But, some believe that the term “out of this world” is a lot more fitting when taken from a literal standpoint.

Yes, there are a lot of believers out there that consider this ancient civilization to have gotten help from an ancient race of aliens of some sort.

One of the biggest proofs for this theory is the carving above. Ufologists believe that you can clearly see a depiction of a helicopter, a jet, and a UFO in that picture.

Originally spotted on a beam that rests atop of the columns of the temple, this discovery baffled scientists and archeologists since its original discovery.

The temple was built mainly by Seti I and it was made as a worshipping ground for the god of the Underworld Osiris himself. Seti died before he could complete his construction which is why Rameses II finished it for him.

A lot of people believe that the carvings were never meant to look like UFOs and other flying objects, that they’re just corroded messages from Rameses to Seti. What do you think though?



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