Ancient Bunkers – 2,400-year-old Bomb Shelters, In Case of Atomic War Discovered in India (videos)

You might think you know the past; you might even believe that you know your own people’s history, but the fact of the matter is that it appears as though we know absolutely nothing about ourselves, to begin with.

From an objective point of view, it appears as though we know only what the historians tell us, but as we’ve seen time and time again in the past, they often times ignore proof for the sake of keeping their agendas cleared.

So, you can only imagine the insane ripples that were caused by the new discovery from the state of Bihar, India. Around 22 miles away from the town of Gaya, what appeared to be 2 artificial caves had been discovered that date back to 2,400 years ago or so.

Ancient Buddhists and Hindus allegedly lived inside of them, as is evidenced by the many texts on the walls. The experts were able to discern the fact that they are artificial constructs because of the perfectly thick arches of the walls. They are also extremely smooth, as they appear to have been created using some sort of ancient advanced technology.

One of the most popular theories out there regarding them appears to be the one that states that the caves used to be bomb shelters in the past. This would work in tangent with the many ancient religious texts which speak of an atomic war between races.

Nobody knows for sure who could have built them, although we do know that they line up with the stories we mentioned before. For example. The Mahabharata epic is made out of stories that speak of ancient technologically advanced beings that lived in India and in the Ramanaya they often speak of a nuclear war that took place around 10,000 BC.

Whether or not these line up with the newfound discovery we don’t know, but what we do know is that this incredible discovery brings up a lot more questions than answers.



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