Ancient Aliens Left Our Planet 20,000 Years Ago And They Are Our Ancestors

The UFO phenomena has grown in popularity in recent decades, and with it, the number of situations in which humans have been abducted or come into touch with alien beings.

There are numerous cases that are merely hoaxes, but there are also cases that have piqued academics’ interest. There are a tiny number of abductions or contacts with aliens that are thought to be 100 percent genuine.

Witnesses say they were shown various holograms and projections containing significant information about the Earth during their meetings with these creatures. Some of those who have had touch with these aliens allege that they lived on our planet hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years ago.

This theory holds that these aliens are our forefathers, who departed Earth and continued to evolve in other parts of the Universe. Strange phenomena such as time travel and teleportation remain a mystery to humanity since we do not yet have the technology to comprehend them.

If we seek to find solutions to some of life’s most pressing issues (Who are we? What is our origin? Where are we going? ), we should begin by looking within ourselves to discover who we truly are. And the first hints may be discovered in our DNA.

Because less than 10% of human DNA has a functional role, the remaining 90% of human DNA is still unknown to us. What are your thoughts on this hypothesis? Do you think it’s plausible?

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