Ancient Alien Pyramid Discovered on Mars By NASA

This most recent discovery comes from NASA’s own tech as their Curiosity Rover came across even more proof of intelligent life on Mars after all.

Its original mission was always to see whether there was or wasn’t life on Mars which is what it tries to do to this very day, but since NASA’s objectives changed in the meantime it’s blatantly clear how they constantly try to censor the proof out there nowadays as they did with this picture alone.

The discovery in itself was first made by Scott C. Waring as he was inspecting the latest batch of pictures that the Curiosity Rover sent back to Earth.

Scott C. Waring has been on an ongoing quest to prove the existence of life outside of Earth and so with this in mind he’s been devoting the majority of his life to this cause alone.

So, he’s come across thousands of discoveries so far to the point where he’s most likely the greatest asset UFO hunters have at the moment.

In this picture, he claims that you can see a half-buried pyramid on the Red Planet. He believes that this is proof of the fact that the ancient Egyptians were controlled or at least influenced by the Martians when building the first pyramids.

Although some skeptics are sure that this is just another case of the pareidolia effect, experts agree that it is viable proof that needs to be addressed by NASA themselves.

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