An American Researcher Breaks The Silence About UFOs And Advanced Alien Technology

Emery Smith, a well-known scientist, claims to have worked in an American subterranean base for alien biological research, and that the results of those experiments will drastically alter the globe.

The scientist offers a long sequence of revelations about UFOs, as well as ETs and EBEs.

Smith claims that he was a pilot in the US Army before operating in an underground base with aliens. He claims that the underground base has largely experimented with human and alien DNA and that 3,000 people have died as a result of these operations.

Smith worked with a number of extraterrestrial beings, some of which were interdimensional: “They can enter into our dimension as light and then change their shape and density, from liquid to solid.”

“Smith maintains that these underground bases and technologies have existed for thousands of years and that international corporations are battling to obtain them.”

“These inter-dimensional ships can alter shape while the aliens are inside without hurting them.” They have the ability to travel huge distances in space, disappearing and reappearing in different regions of the universe.”

These inter-dimensional ETs figured out how to teleport and make their bodies glow when they did so. Smith further claims that these ships can run at 90 degrees at very high speeds without being affected since when they make these maneuvers, they are in a new dimension with different physical qualities.

He decided to break the silence because these technologies are so crucial to us.


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