All This Time, The Evidence of Giants Was Hidden In Plain Sight

To say the least, the Giants have always been a contentious subject. For whatever excuse, the mass media refuses to accept the reality of these behemoths because they think the news is far too outrageous.

The fact, on the other hand, is that we have a plethora of evidence of Giants’ existence, including drawings, manuscripts, and even temple carvings.

We have massive footprints that detail their size and the fact that we revered them as deities. We may now apply fossils to the mix of facts we’ve found over the last few years, due to a new finding.

Yes, hundreds of giant monster fossils have recently been found in the Fontainebleau forest in France.

These behemoths predate the age of man, and archaeologists all over the world have concluded that ancient man may not have built them himself.

We didn’t even know how to carry an instrument back then, let alone carve something so amazing.

The remarkable discoveries in the Fontainebleau Forest don’t end there, however, because scientists claim that much of the vegetation in the area was indeed huge. The forest is dominated by massive tree stumps, demonstrating that this was not always our environment.



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