Alien Soldier Spotted on Mars by NASA’s Curiosity Rover, UFO Enthusiast Claims

One of the Curiosity Rover’s last discoveries ever made on Mars is the following picture that it took of what appears to be a very strange visitor or stalker chasing the rover around.

The general consensus is that this is either a Martian soldier, a statue of one of the Martian troopers, or a random rock formation.

Most experts agree that it appears as though it’s wearing a spacesuit of some sort so it’s definitely likely that one of the first two options applies here.

Some believe that this is what is left of an alien soldier as it was fossilized by the harsh atmosphere of the planet. This is entirely possible, as prolonged exposure to the planet’s harsh atmosphere could lead to some sort of petrification if we were to spend years there unprotected.

Paranormal Crucible posted this picture on their YouTube channel, where they also talked more in-depth about the whole discovery they made.

It appears to be some sort of a Grey alien or insect alien of some sort but we can’t tell for sure. What’s most important is the fact that it looks like it’s wearing a spacesuit.

Zak Farley mocked this discovery, saying that you could say the same about any rock formation on Earth, and although Hybrid TV supported his claims Disclose TV did bring up a lot of interesting ideas during the debate.

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