Al Bielek – The Man That Claims to have Time Traveled to the Year 2137

If you’ve been around the block long enough you should already know by now the story of Al Bielek, the time traveler that spent two years in the year 2137 and told us all about what he saw in there. According to him, there is a series of events that will be coming in the near future that will change our whole world.

Some will change it for the better while others will completely devastate our reality as we know it.

He mentions the Montauk project which is basically a series of secret government projects conducted by the United States of America which basically aim to use psychological warfare and exotic research as a means of war and crowd control, including time travel. He claims that he has taken part in both time travel-related missions and that he even traveled to Mars a few times back in the days.

Now, there are plenty of people that disregard him as the typical crazy old man stereotype but it should be noted that he is an incredibly brilliant man. He is not your average hillbilly that likes to scream at children to get off of his lawn, he is a scholar that according to him, has been specifically chosen for this project because of his skills above all else.

Whether or not you believe him is your choice, but what should be noted is that he is definitely not your average old man and that’s a fact.


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