Airplane Passenger Recorded What Appears To Be A Giant UFO Right Next To Area 51

An American Airlines passenger was drawn to a big spherical and metallic object emitting very bright lights in the middle of the day. He took out his phone and took a couple of shots of it as soon as he could.

He was able to get a few photographs, each depicting what seems to be a gigantic spaceship surrounded by little orbs.

According to the passenger, the spaceship was quite near Area 51. The strangest aspect was that neither the plane’s pilot nor the passengers had noticed anything out of the ordinary. The individual chose to contact the Mutual UFO Network in order to learn more about this experience.

One of the many theories about this object is that it may be a gigantic solar power plant, but others believe it is unquestionably a UFO disguised as a solar panel.

What are your opinions on the matter?

For further information, watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments.


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