Airplane Passenger Managed To Record An Unusual UFO

Ufologists wondered if the luminous unidentifiable object, which shifted its position from horizontal to vertical smoothly, may be an alien ship or a mysterious living entity.

A passenger on a plane flying at 9000 meters altitude spotted the weird object shifting shape.

According to a German visitor who photographed the UFO with a Nikon P900 camera, the craft flew around the jet for nearly seven minutes.

The item begins to morph and stretch in the resulting footage. The strange ship’s white lights change into a Y-shaped figure.

When the eyewitness tries to focus the lens, the UFO changes shape again, this time from vertical to horizontal.

The video sparked significant debate on the network.

Some viewers believe that an item in the movie indicates a plasma life form that lives in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Meanwhile, meteorologists say it was a unique natural phenomenon caused by distinct strata of air in the atmosphere.


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