African Shaman Reveals Hidden History of Reptilian Aliens in Africa

Credo Mutwa recounts a remarkable (and compelling) tale from his forefathers concerning an “alien invasion” that destroyed all humankind and is the root of our suffering and agony.

Credo Mutwa is an African Zulu sangoma from South Africa, well-known for his traditional healing abilities.

It’s also fascinating to note that the Zulu elder had the firsthand experience of what he was taught. He believes that reptilians (he calls them Chitauli) are responsible for Earth’s dominance.

Credo Mutwa, African Shaman, and Wise Elder

Mutwa’s information actually supports most of David Icke’s basic premise. Mutwa told Rick Martin in an interview that “the Zulus claim that thousands upon thousands of years ago, there emerged a race, like lizards and individuals who could change form at will,” Mutwa said.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of fairy-tales that tell the story of a lizard woman who assumes the identity of an alien princess, gets married to a Zulu prince, and creates a strong line of tribe Chiefs and Kings.

As he gets older, he has spoken more openly about his personal experiences and understanding. At 94 years old, he is the oldest of 94. The Zulu Shaman, however, believes that these “aliens”, unlike many others, are not aliens at all. He believes that they are not aliens from another planet but from Earth or nearby.

These so-called aliens don’t come from another planet. I believe they are with us and require stuff from me, just as some humans desire certain items from wild animals (e.g monkey glands) for selfish reasons. Many people succumb to the temptation to see these ‘aliens’ as being otherworldly beings. “Sir! They’re just solid beings.”

He believes that they have evil motives and that people lived before they arrived.

“…The Chitauli arrived on Earth in horrible vessels that could sail through the air. They were shaped as huge bowls, and they created a terrible sound and a terrible fire in heaven.

The Chitauli told the people they had captured by force with lightning whips, that they were powerful gods of the sky and that they would be receiving many incredible gifts from the god.

These so-called gods, who looked like humans but were much taller, had a long tail, and awful blazing eyes, had two eyes—yellow, brilliant eyes—and others had three eyes, with the red, round eye in the center of their forehead.

The aliens took the immense abilities of human beings: the ability only to communicate with their minds, to move objects with their minds, to see into the future, past and future, as well as the ability travel to other realms spiritually.

The Chitauli removed all these incredible talents from the human race and gave them a new ability: the ability speak.

Human beings soon discovered that communication was not able to unite people. Chitauli, however, created multiple languages and caused a great deal of conflict.

The Chitauli did also something extraordinary: They appointed human leaders to be their rulers. They are stained with our blood. These are our children and you have to pay attention because they will speak for me. We will punish you severely if you do not comply.

Prior to the arrival the Imbulu creatures and the Chitauli, all human beings were spiritually identical. Human beings were split linguistically and spiritually when the Chitauli arrived.

The Chitauli bestowed strange new sentiments on human beings. People began to feel scared and built wooden fences to surround their communities. Humans took up the role as nation-builders.

They formed tribes and areas that were separated from each other to protect their territory against potential enemies. Humans became more ambitious and hungry and sought out wealth in the form livestock and seashells.

It is not clear if the claims of the shaman are true or false. But it seems to have a resonance greater than either the big bang/evolution or creationist theories.

To learn more about this amazing story, check out David Icke’s extensive interview with the African Shaman.


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