Aerospace Billionaire And Also NASA Partner, Robert Bigelow, Tells The Truth About Alien Presence On This Planet

Fellow conspiracy theorists and multibillionaire Robert Bigelow have stated multiple times in the past that he believes in the existence of aliens. He created his company, Bigelow Aerospace for the sake of achieving spaceflight and most importantly in order to get humans to leave their boring existence on Earth in the past and visit the stars.

This is his dream, his utopia, and according to him, he is getting closer and closer to it with each passing day. Recently in an interview with Lara Logan, he talked about his newest project, an expendable spacecraft that would be able to freely travel to space and back with relative ease.

When asked again to confirm or deny the existence of aliens he exclaimed that she cannot possibly believe that he is throwing all of this money into the fire for nothing. He is wasting millions on his dreams and it wouldn’t make sense if he never believed, to begin with, that there is life out there.

He is so powerful that even NASA themselves do not dare to talk back to him, as he is by far one of the smartest, richest, and most adaptable men on the planet as we speak. If there is anyone that can compete with Elon Musk it is definitely him.

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