According To Some Declassified Records, Anunnaki Aliens Are Not Our Friends – They Want to Destroy Mankind

Curiosity drives the majority of people’s interest in Ancient Aliens and UFOs.
Those who think that there is reason to believe in an Extraterrestrial existence in our history and today will fall into one of two camps:

a) Some people believe that Aliens are kind and that they help humans, and;

b) Others believe that aliens’ ultimate goal is to destroy humanity.

There are several grounds for embracing one of those two perspectives, but in my opinion, aliens or Anunnaki pose a threat to humanity.

According to Richard Dolan’s book UFOs and The National Security State, which is based on declassified US Government records on alien contacts as well as Ancient Historical descriptions of Civilization in Sumer indicated by the AAT, Aliens or the Anunnaki are unlikely to be benevolent.

This may be crucial to analyze based on our own historical experience what will happen when a technologically stronger civilisation or race confronts a less evolved civilization or race.

I’d like to get your thoughts on the fact that aliens’ primary purpose is to destroy humanity.

Please watch the video below for an in-depth explanation of everything.


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