A Former High-Ranking Navy Officer Tells Us The Truth About Antarctica

Without a question, Antarctica is one of the most mysterious locations on Earth, and the mystery is compounded by the fact that the FAA has established a No-Fly Zone in the heart of the continent.

But if you really want to travel down the rabbit hole, look at the Piri Reis map, which shows Antarctica as a verdant continent devoid of the ice that we see today.

Although the Piri Reis map is nearly 500 years old, a Russian expedition commanded by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev found Antarctica in 1820.

A navy officer recounts his experiences in Antarctica, including escorting a party of scientists and transporting a medical emergency off the frigid continent.

When he walked the ice with a medical issue, he saw a large hole in the ice. He also claims that the scientists he led vanished for two weeks and that when they returned from wherever they went, they were afraid by what they saw and were told not to speak about it.

A weird oval shape on the ice was discovered in a satellite image of Antarctica in 2012. The construction is 400 feet long, and it is unclear if it is a natural or man-made structure.

In any case, there are many additional constructions on this white continent that add to the mystique, such as pyramids, dors into mountains, spherical things that resemble ufos, and so on.

The navy officer who describes his bizarre experience in Antarctica claims that once he rejoined with the scientists, they returned to McMurdo station, where their gear was segregated, and they were taken to New Zealand on a special jet.

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