A 100,000-year-old Pyramid Has Been Found Underwater, Close To The Azores, In Portugal (video)

One of the most important discoveries of our age was just discovered by a single trawler skipper.

In essence, he found it by accident while using a sonar to scan the ocean off the coast of the Azores Islands and picking up a sizable object under the water.

He acknowledged that this discovery far exceeded his expectations and that it would be hard to top it, but he also noted that this was simply a portion of an additional ancient city that was identical to the one discovered in Guatemala, not the complete complex.

This pyramid is not just very large and extremely ancient. It was not created by human hands, according to experts, who put its age at least 100,000 years old.

Simply put, it is simply too beautifully built; it is proof of an advanced old civilization or ancient constructions made by extraterrestrial life forms.

This discovery has generated a lot of discussion, but it’s extremely intriguing to notice that it’s actually one of the year’s older finds, making it a great day for the young skipper.


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