9 Most Bizarre Discoveries On Planet Earth

Researchers have discovered over time many objects (artifacts) that can not explain a match with official records or the period to which they belong.

20,000-year-old electrical transformer built in a stone

It seems that a researcher and photographer named Ismet Smailia discovered in the mountains of Kosovo what appears to be a transformer. This object is made of a piece of stone in which coils of high purity are included, this being one with a piece of stone.

Antikythera mechanism:

The shape of this ancient object inspires it as a device of the future, so if we do not take into account the fact that it is over 2000 years old. He was found in a Greek ship carrying cargo, being made of bronze. In addition to bronze, it also has a system of 30 gears, a complex system made by hand.

Ancient Screw:

We know that the screw has been used since 1500 years ago, but this object seems to suggest that it was civilizations older than 1500 years that used this tool.

The coin from a Parallel Universe

Found by a team of construction workers in Mexico, this special coin was taken to a university to be studied. The results revealed that it is inscribed on the coin was “Nueva Alemania (New Germany), “Alles in einer nation” (All in one nation), “Independencia y Libertad” ((Independence and Freedom), the year 2039.

Ancient Hammer:

It would be logical and rational for the rock to be the first, but then how can we explain the formation of the rock around this hammer?

Three-Pronged Plug:

Being an object that raised questions about whether it could have been used with the transformer mentioned above, John Williams found while skiing, an electrical outlet in the ground.

Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus

Being a city described in many ancient texts, many still believe that this is a fictional city because it was actually hiding in the depths.

Genetic Disk

Being among the most bizarre discoveries, this record was found in Colombia by Jaime Gutierrez. It has a size of 27 centimeters and very little is known about its origin.

The Crimean underground pyramid

This pyramid was found by Vitaly Goh, by mistake, in 2001. In the first phase, this discovery was too uninteresting for the authorities, although in a short time Vitaly’s entire team was silenced and the pyramid is hidden.


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