5,000-Year-Old Crystal Dagger Found In a Prehistoric Tomb

What could be more flawless than a diamond? Or more lovely than a vividly colored gemstone? People have long been fascinated by crystals since they were first found throughout history.

The precious stone was so valuable that their names were derived from the various cultures that revered and finally got obsessed with them. They are even mentioned in the Bible when it relates to the rebuilding of Jerusalem after the Apocalypse.

According to an excavation in Spain, the interest with jewels dates back to the third millennium BC. A group of archaeologists unearthed six shrouds embellished with amber beads as well as a “wonderful set” of crystal weaponry at the Valenciana de la Concepcion site.

The Monterilio tholos, excavated between 2007 and 2010, was made of enormous slate slabs and used as a burial ground. This site dates from a time when metal extraction was particularly important.

Nonetheless, the location from which the weapons were retrieved has nothing to do with rock crystal formations, leading us to conclude that the crystals were imported from somewhere else.

It is unclear what those crystals are made of, however sources claim that they can be found several kilometers away from Valencia.

According to official documents, the makers of these crystal weapons must have possessed some kind of unknown knowledge because it is difficult to figure out how they were able to construct such sophisticated weaponry.

The precise number of weapons discovered at the site has been believed to be ten arrowheads, four blades, and one large crystal rock.

What’s more, in addition to the weapons, 20 corpses were discovered in the main chamber. However, none of those weapons are identified with them because they were buried with weapons unrelated to the aforementioned crystal weapons>.

Perhaps the interest with crystals and precious stones in general might be attributed to their spiritual significance, as many cultures saw crystals as conduits between this world and the next.

Finally, the official paper confirms that the crystal weapons are some form of burial paraphernalia only available to the period’s highest classes.


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