5,000-Year-Old Bizarre Vinca Figurines May Be The Evidence of An Alien Influence

Vinca civilization and culture were found in 1908 in Vinca, a suburb of Belgrad, Serbia, by a Serbian archeologist. Vinca-Turdas culture extended over Europe, particularly in east-south Europe, including present-day Serbia, Bulgaria, and Transylvania.

The uncovered archeological items have been carbon dated, and the results are astounding: the Vica-Turdas culture is 4700-5300 years old.

The most incredible thing is that they knew how to forge copper.

I wholeheartedly support the Ancient Astronaut Theory. It is evident to me that such an old civilisation, like the other prehistoric civilizations, had assistance from a more evolved civilization, and all of the indications point to it being a benevolent alien culture, or possibly more than one.

Excavations at an archeological site outside of Belgrad, Serbia’s capital, discovered almost 2000 miniature statues and figurines that resemble the little gray aliens.

These figures’ faces are triangular in shape, with almond eyes, little mouths, and noses. Many of these sculptures depict bizarre half-human, half-reptile hybrids, and a few even anthropomorphic grasshoppers.

Vinca also created the world’s first alphabet, based on syllables and linear writing, similar to the contemporary alphabet and writing, and as we know, this is an indication of an evolved civilisation.

I also have another working theory: it is possible that future humans traveled back in time and influenced some of these ancient cultures, because, as we all know, time travel is not prohibited by any physical laws, and recently some scientists made significant advances in developing a mathematical and physical model of time travel.

Time travel mathematical formulae are already well known. I believe that in the future, mankind has suffered a disaster of some kind, either an environmental disaster or an apocalyptic war, or something else, which has forced them to come back in time and help some of these primitive civilizations.

Look at these Vica figurines and notice how odd they are, as well as how they resemble the figures of some aliens found in all ancient cultures.

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