3-Mile-Tall “Artificial Spire” Structure Was Found On Moon’s Surface

Little is known about the three-and-a-half-mile-high “moon spire” obtained in high-resolution photos of the Moon’s surface (see photo above). Optical illusion, gas plume, natural geologic formation — and alien construction are all possibilities.

The mysterious structure identified by a Mexican researcher is not the first odd high-rising object observed on the Moon’s surface.

The Moon Spire, which is estimated to be 3.6 miles tall, was spotted by Mexicogeek on YouTube while searching through Google Moon imagery.

The item appears to be an artificial antenna, with a slim, smooth, uniform base and a huge circular object on top. It’s relatively straightforward to rule out natural geological creation (it defies all current geological theories), and the height and width of the tower-like structure seem to rule out a massive gas plume from an outgassing event.

Except that additional similar structures have been located on the Moon’s surface and photographed in profile, an optical illusion is a viable option (i.e. from the side).

The structure below is referred to as “the Shard.” It was photographed by the Lunar Orbiter LO-III in 1967 and stands close to the Bruce crater.

The uneven, spindly-shaped object is estimated to be more than a mile tall when viewed in profile. The picture analysis indicates that the object is made of a highly reflective material, nearly like glass.

Ice crystals were proposed but rejected because each crystal would be the size of a city block. Scientists have thus far been unable to explain the object.

Although the Shard’s jagged surface may lead some to believe it is a natural creation, a frame from an Apollo 10 movie (Frame As10-32-4822) captured something much more mysterious.

This object, known today as The Castle (or Hoagland’s Castle), resembles a massive, multi-columned artificial edifice – except it is nearly 9 miles tall!

Theories about the Moon Spire structure’s likely purpose differ. Some believe it’s really an ancient alien relic from a previous culture that colonized the moon thousands or millions of years ago (perhaps before colonization Earth?).

Others say it is a docking station, a communication antenna (alien or manmade), or an advanced surveillance gadget. Whatever it is, it is one of several mysterious high-rise abnormalities discovered on the surface of our nearest neighbor.

An astronaut on one of the Apollo moon flights photographed the unusual item shown below. It appears to be manufactured.

It appears to be cylindrical in shape, but we have no way of knowing how big it is. It might be as small as a Coke can, as large as a barrel, or as massive as a farm silo. What exactly is it, and who left it there?

As we can see, the three-mile-high “artificial spire” is not an outlier. There are numerous unusual photos of the moon. There is only one issue – why is it that no one knows where these structures and artifacts came from?

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