3 Different Type Of Alien UFOs You Probably Didn’t Know Existed: From Plasma UFOs To Biological Alien Beings

I’m not talking about what the government and other agencies are keeping hidden from us when it comes to the UFO phenomena.

There are a large number of sightings each year, each with its own unique characteristics, therefore there is no danger of becoming bored when investigating these instances.

So why isn’t there any official response to these issues? You might wonder why our powerful ground radars aren’t picking up any signal. Or, if there are so many appearances, why isn’t there any evidence of a wrecked extraterrestrial craft?

The explanation, according to some UFO experts, is simple: UFOs are more diversified than you may think.

They can range from complex artificially made craft, such as the infamous Black Knight satellite, to speeding orbs capable of defying the laws of physics, and last but not least, biological UFOs.

Apart from that, the government refuses to inform us of any such out-of-place occurrence, despite reports that everything listed above has actually occurred.

It’s simple to conceive a cover-up scenario for the first sort of UFO — the purposefully made ship of either terrestrial or alien origins.

If the officials are able to obtain one of these cutting-edge pieces of technology, they will be in for a treat since such a fantastic “technical cake” would be ideal for them, and they will almost certainly not share it with anybody.

It’s possible that capturing such a vessel would be incredibly difficult. According to many sources, however, the aforementioned event is quite likely to have occurred. If this is a man-made UFO, our earthly radars should be able to track it and eventually capture it.

So, why isn’t there any formal proof to back up these claims? Because authorities cannot be trusted with sensitive material, but fortunately for us, some daring individuals have succeeded in sneaking genuine films of UFOs being pursued by the military.

The video below was released in 2014 and depicts a Black Hawk chopper from the Aguadilla Coast Guard following a possible UFO.

At 01:24 (timing indicated in the top left corner), a second UFO emerges from the ocean, joining the initial one in formation, then both crafts fall gracefully into the sea, seemingly undisturbed by hydrodynamic forces.

The orb UFO is the second type of UFO. These little buggers resemble drones in size and are capable of attaining incredible speeds at high altitudes while undertaking inconceivable maneuvers like violent spins and drop-offs.

This specific form of UFO is the most interesting since no earthly equipment can compare. These strange spheres have been documented by UFO researchers and enthusiasts, who believe they are artificially intelligent gadgets that are either remote-controlled or self-piloted. An orb UFO is seen in the image below.

Unfortunately, the strange biological entities are the third category of unidentified flying objects. To say the least, this specific look is perplexing.

These UFOs, according to Franklin Ruehl, a prominent American ufologist and cryptozoologist, developed from organic substances found in space in order to survive its seemingly unlivable circumstances, and may very well be the first lifeforms to arrive in the universe.

Numerous movies show these entities shape-shifting in the sky, changing into various forms while stably floating at great altitude, and forming a rainbow-colored aura when illuminated by the Sun.

These UFOs also appear in big groups, like a flock of birds, and some people claim to be able to summon them only through telepathic powers.

The UFO phenomenon is genuine, and it’s growing in popularity. If it includes genuine aliens or secret military technology that we have yet to discover, and given our species’ incredible technical growth, the time for revelation may come sooner rather than later.

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