290-Million-Year-Old Human Footprint Discovered – Researchers Scratching Their Heads

Did you know that for the most part historians have always believed that humanity only dates back to a couple of million years ago?

Despite the fact that this has always been highly debatable it has been accepted as a fact for the longest of times now but this most recent discovery appears to suggest otherwise.

This 290-million-year-old footprint may not seem like much at first sight but we can assure you that there’s more to it than meets the eye as experts believe that it is the oldest footprint ever to be discovered and that it completely blows apart the information that the historians have been preaching for the past couple of years now.

The discovery in itself was made back in 1987 as Jerry MacDonald came across it in New Mexico. He was inspecting some recently discovered marks of birds and other such animals when he spotted this strange footprint himself.

After further research, he concluded that this footprint dates back to the Permian strata aka around 290 to 248 million years ago. This is before the dinosaurs existed on the planet for reference’s sake.

Experts believe that this discovery in itself may actually prove the fact that humanity dates further back than any other creature on this planet.

This proves that the history we’ve been taught is a lie after all and as far as we can tell it also perfectly encapsulates the fact that the higher-ups are always spotted lying to us.

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