200,000-Year-Old Ancient Anunnaki City Was Discovered in Africa

The ancient tale of the Sumerian gods known as the Anunnaki goes way back, to say the least. This is by far one of the greatest mysteries that humanity has ever encountered, as it dates back to hundreds of thousands of years according to the ancient Sumerian tablets.

The stories tell us about how these ancient astronauts came to Earth before we could even form sentences and they bonded their own cells with our ancestors in order to actually give birth to us. Afterward, they used us to farm our planet’s gold and minerals which resulted in them leaving.

We know of them from such bits of evidence as to the ancient Sumerian tablets which go way back, but other than that we don’t have a lot to go over.

But, recently however it appears as though all of this has changed as Michael Tellinger, a firefighter and Johan Heine, a local pilot, came across proof, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

They essentially came across a 200,000-year-old city that used to be directly ruled over by the Anunnaki according to them.

They strayed 93 miles away from the nearest town in order to find it, but according to them, the names of the Anunnaki are everywhere here.

If we can actually decipher the writings here, we could find out more about our own genesis than we’ve ever known of before.

This could potentially be one of the greatest discoveries humanity has ever come across, to say the least.

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