2,000-Year Old Ancient Map Was Discovered on a Volcanic Rock in Mexico

Archeologists recently discovered a stunning discovery in Colima, Mexico, in the shape of a stone map that reportedly dates from 200 BC to 200 AD.

The rock, which was engraved on a basalt volcanic rock, shows an extremely detailed map of the Pre-Columbian region near Colima.

Scientists believe that this was caused by an ancient eruption at the Colima volcano 14 years ago.

It stands around 5.5ft or 1.7m tall and sits on top of a 20-degree-to-the-northeast axis. Scientists believe the two are linked since it is aimed towards the previously stated volcano.

Multiple petroglyph patterns with identical patterns have also been discovered in the vicinity, implying that an ancient culture resided here 2,000 years ago. It also has lines that highlight the natural orographic and hydrological aspects that were incorporated into it.

According to the research team that discovered this stone, it may be the finest approach to comprehend how the ancient society managed and at the time.

If they can properly decipher it then they can unlock secrets they never even knew of in the past.

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