20.000-Years-Old Ancient Electrical Transformer Was Discovered In The Mountains of Kosovo

When asked about UFOs, Einstein stated that they are man-made flying devices created by a highly evolved ancient society 20.000 years ago and that they abandoned Earth for unexplained reasons. This could have been the Atlantean civilization! Yes, Einstein is still considered as one of the most bright people on the planet.

Aside from the Ancient Astronaut Theory, I have another one. Humans from the future have visited ancient civilizations with the intention of assisting them in evolving in a specific way. Perhaps these human visitors from the future created this electrical transformer.

Ismet Smaili, a photographer and researcher, discovered this transformer in the mountains of Kosovo.

The coils of this transformer are inserted into a stone, but in such a way that they form a shared body with the stone. High-quality copper is used to make the coils.

Between the coils is an insulator with a composition not found in Kosovo’s native chemical elements. The stone features four symmetrical tiny holes on one of its faces, indicating that its function was to connect four thick wires to the transformer.

The stone itself acts as additional water and moisture insulator. This is a complex triphasic power transformer even by today’s standards.

The fact that this transformer is embedded in a stone suggests that it was disguised in the natural terrain of the mountains to confuse the ancient inhabitants of the time. That was clearly part of a power generator brought there by visitors from the future, in my opinion.

It is not an extraterrestrial gadget because the technology is quite similar to that used today.


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