17,000-Years-Old Ancient Nomoli Figurines Were Found in Sierra Leone

These enigmatic sculptures were unearthed in Sierra Leone, South Africa. Researchers estimate their age to be around 17,000 years. It’s intriguing that a figurine included a metal ball. Further examination revealed that this spherical was made of chromium and steel.

How did that metal sphere get inside the figurines, and where did it come from? According to local mythology, the sky over the location where the ancient figurines were discovered was changed into stone. Then that portion of the sky that had turned to stone dropped to the ground in countless pieces.

Iridium concentrations in these stones have been determined to be high by researchers in that location.

Iridium is found in far higher amounts in meteorites than in the earth’s crust. South African miners uncovered many 40-70 cm tall figures while mining for diamonds. They were found at a depth of approximately 50 meters.

Some of the figurines depict a half-human, half-animal hybrid entity. Figurines with a human body and a lizard head are one example. It is still unknown how these figures were made. The techniques required to create such statuettes do not correspond to technology from 17,000 years ago.

How is it possible that steel was used 17,000 years ago? Given the fact that steel was discovered barely 2,000 years ago.

There is a belief that there was a technologically advanced ancient society in that area. And it was an extraterrestrial civilization.

To learn more about these strange figurines, watch the video below:

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