150,000-Year-Old Pipes Unearthed in China Shatter Entire Scientific Community

The funny thing about making discoveries nowadays is the fact that we don’t really seem to know all that much more after we do find these out.

What usually transpires is quite funny, as we seem to not know something, we come across a new discovery which explains that, but also brings forth a dozen other mysteries that now need solving.

So, this branching out system goes on and on for what seems to be forever. This ancient game of cat and mouse between history and archaeologists is going on every day, and despite the fact that we never know everything this doesn’t stop the archaeologists from doing their job.

Many of these discoveries are unexplainable, they are literal mysteries to everyone. Such is the case of these 150,000-year-old pipes which were recently discovered near Mount Baigong.

Often times referred to as OOPART, aka artifacts out of place, they are discoveries that seemingly remain a mystery to us as to how they came to be in the period that they belong to.

Historians all around the globe argue against their existence, but the facts are here. Many believe that these are fake, that they were planted by someone in an attempt to defy the historian’s work, but the fact remains that experts agree that they are real.

They were originally discovered in a pyramid in the Qinghai Province in a series of caves. A total of three of them had these pipes running across from one to another.

The pipes all lead towards a nearby saltwater lake which means that these ancient civilizations had access to what appears to be an ancient irrigation system of some sort.

The first population that we know of to have lived in this area only goes back to 30,000 years ago, so we have no idea who this may have belonged to.

Yang Ji, a local researcher believes that these are the work of aliens. What do you think?

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