10 Most Mysterious Discoveries On Earth

The history of our planet is full of amazing mysteries. The more we search and research, the more mysteries we find. Despite the fact that archaeologists and scientists are working hard to find out everything, we know little about our past.

As Best Selling author Graham Hancock says, we are a species with amnesia. This evidence is countless inventions that have been done throughout the year, which will question our beliefs about the capabilities of ancient civilizations. Here are some of the most unexplained discoveries on Earth’s Noobzilla version.

1. Sacsayhuamán

Sacsayhuamán is one of the most extraordinary ancient sites ever found on this planet. Why? Not just because of the history of this ancient city but because of the supermassive stone used in its construction. The ceremonial complex is well known for its perfect brick that is so precise that the engineers today do not know how to make it. Some of the stones in Sacsayhuaman are so fitting that no piece of paper can enter.

2. The Sun Gate (Puerta del Sol)

The Sun Gate is a stone arch or solid megalithic stone located in Tiwanaku, an ancient mysterious city located in Bolivia. Archaeologists believe that this ancient city was the center of a great empire during the first millennium AD.

Despite the fact that we know a lot about the ancient civilizations of South America, the researchers still have not been able to find out the meaning of some of the images immortalized in the ancient city’s monuments. Some scholars believe this depiction has astrological and astonishing astronomical values, while other authors believe this is the gateway to another world.

3. Longyou Cave

Longyou Cave is a collection of artificial caves that are believed to be at least 2000 years old and is one of the largest structures ever unearthed by humans. The researchers have been puzzled by the size and precision of the cave.

Archaeologists, engineers, architects, and geologists from around the world have tried to figure out how, why and when these artificial caves are built, but no one offers a single solution to many mysteries around the cave. Some argue that this ancient complex is a wonder of nature.

4. Yonaguni underwater city – Japan

Named as the Atlantis of Japan, some writers argue the Yonaguni complex is a monument left by the ancient civilizations that existed on Earth before the last Ice Age. The remains of this ancient civilization were found accidentally by scuba instructor Khachiro Arataki.

Some underwater archaeologists, as well as many authors, refer to this ancient complex as one of the most important underwater discoveries in recent years. The discovery of the Yonaguni complex has questioned several scientific theories.

The submerged stone carving is believed to have sunk more than 12,000 years ago, long before the Ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids. Archaeologists argue that no civilization advanced on Earth before the last Ice Age and early humans were unable to carve out such complex structures.

5. Mohenjo-Daro

The archaeological site Mohenjo Daro is considered by many ancient astronomers as evidence of humans in the past have made contact with aliens. The destruction of this great city has been a mystery to archaeologists and experts for decades.

Ancient Astronaut theory claims that thousands of years ago, advanced alien civilizations visited Earth, and a nuclear bomb was used to destroy this city. The city was discovered in 1992 when Indian archaeologist R. Banardzhi discovered the ancient ruins on the banks of the Indus River.

Questions like the cause of destruction and the fate of its inhabitants remain a mystery to scientists. Some researchers have postulated the theory that the city was destroyed by the gods, with “sophisticated nuclear weapons.”

6. Derinkuyu underground city

Thousands of years ago, the ancient people dug hundreds of meters to Earth, building one of the largest underground cities on Earth. This extraordinary underground city has challenged the views and theories of archaeologists and engineers since its discovery.

Many mysteries surround this underground city. No one can understand why and how the city was built. While some authors point out that the city was created to protect its inhabitants from climate change, extreme temperatures or even war, there are others who believe that Derinkyuu’s town purpose is built much more mysteriously.

7. Giant Rock Ball

This giant stone ball is in Costa Rica to Bosnia & Herzegovina, every stone ball has a different size. They were first discovered in South America in 1930 by workers clearing the forest to pave the way for banana plantations. A South American legend says that hidden treasures unimaginable among the rocks.

As a result of this legend has caused the destruction of many stone balls by people who do not understand their historical value. Although people have destroyed many of these stone balls, no one has ever found anything in them.

Similar stone balls can be found in Europe in Bosnia & Herzegovina near Visoko. No one can explain what this giant stone ball made. Many researchers believe that there is some evidence that led to the existence of a highly developed ancient civilization that existed on Earth millions of years ago.

8. The vehicle trail is 14 million years old

According to a researcher named Dr. Koltypin, millions of years ago advanced technology existed on Earth, and the traces we see in the image above were abandoned by vehicles 14 million years ago. As noted by the Russian Geologist, this mysterious trail is at least 14 million years old and abandoned by “vehicles” that belong to “ancient unknown civilizations” that inhabit our planet in the past.

Many researchers believe that we are not the first people to master the planet. In fact, some authors claim that many other advanced civilizations have lived on Earth. According to Dr. Koltypin and many other archaeologists, who have adopted a new way of thinking, this ancient “car trail” is one of the most enduring pieces of evidence that undoubtedly proves the existence of a highly developed ancient civilization that inhabits our planet in the past.

9. Nuclear Reactor 2 billion years old

In 1972, researchers confirmed the discovery of a set of Natural Nuclear Reactors in Gabon. Since then, scientists have been scratching their heads trying to understand how this nuclear reactor might have evolved in Gabon two billion years ago, and it does not appear anywhere else on Earth.

As claimed by experts, more than two billion years ago, parts of the uranium deposit of Africa spontaneously undergo nuclear division. According to scientists, this mysterious “natural” nuclear reactor has the ability to produce simple energy.

Scientists estimate the Oklo reactor will have samples with about 3.6% uranium-235 – which is close to the threshold of enrichment of modern nuclear reactors.

10. Giant knife found on the seabed

Not much to discover about this mysterious image. We only see a large knife, held by three divers in a place in the Earth’s oceans. The image has been widely shared among people on social networks, and many consider it to be proof that, prior to written history, perhaps tens of thousands of years ago, the giants ruled the Earth.

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